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Exploring Los Angeles...

...has always been an adventure in itself. With the expansion of its public transportation system, it is now easier to eat and drink your way across the beer, wine, spirits, and food landscape... But how do you choose? The number of taps? Best reviews? The skills of the sign twirling guy on the street? Now there's an easier way to experience the best of LA.

Hop on board Bar Line Tours.

Expo Coast Tour

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Bar Line Tours visits the best bars, breweries, gastropubs, and restaurants in the city by way of the Los Angeles Metro, and provides an in-depth tasting course along the way. With each customized tour and lesson plan, you will sharpen your palate and expand your knowledge of food and beverages, learn about the hospitality industry and how to maximize your dining and drinking experience, and discuss the the past, present, and future of food and beverage culture.

New Stops, New Flavors

Gold Line Tour

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Red Line Tour

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The Lines

Expo (Coast): Features the bustling, upscale fine drinking and dining locales of Downtown Santa Monica.

Expo (West): The gastropubs of under-the-radar Palms and the Culver City arts district.

Gold: Ultra hip and ultra delicious, The Gold Line hits Highland Park and South Pasadena's best establishments.

Purple: Eat and drink your way through Downtown LA and Koreatown, while looking extremely fashionable!

Red: A star-studded collection of taps and tapas throughout North and Downtown Hollywood.

Expo West Tour

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...That started as a road trip to collect rare beers quickly turned into something more. The thrill of exploring new neighborhoods, the residents, their cultures, and the establishments that bring them all together became the best part about going out to grab drinks. Let Bar Line Tours whisk you along the reinvigorated public rail, and serve as a connection to the Los Angeles that gets overlooked when you sit in traffic.

An idea...

Purple Line Tour

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